About MeandMaia

MeandMaia curates Precious Metal Fine Jewelry for Women & Men, Our Mission statement is  Affordable Luxury 
Our Jewelry is handcrafted with Love & fondness by our founder to celebrate the Joy of gifting .
Our founder has been manufacturing Jewelry & perfecting this craft since 1991.

At MeandMaia, our creative design Team in USA chooses designs close to our heart , products we would adorn ourselves & believe you will enjoy & cherish these treasures forever.

We source handcrafted, each piece as a work of Art to be cherished & worn forever , the materials used be it sterling silver or gold set with the finest Natural Diamonds made by Mother Earth over centuries or Lab Grown diamonds & also simulated Gemstones & Swarovski respectively, jewelry is handmade & quality tested , in professional workshops by goldsmiths in factories overseas, many products we offer are made in usa (specified where applicable) .

Our endeavor is to always offer the finest quality jewelry at “affordable Luxury” prices for daily enjoyment & to adorn you on that special occasion


We custom make a lot of the jewelry you order using modern manufacturing techniques in Computer aided Design & 3D Rapid Prototyping technology & subsequently handcraft & finish the jewelry , this may result in a longer delivery period of max. upto 2 weeks for out of stock or custom design .

Enjoy !